Here at the end of all things…

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Like, what the bloody hell?
Storytelling classes are coming to an end?
Guh. I’m not too sure if I’ll be keeping this blog… Hmm.

On the bright side, I participated in an hour long chat session with Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro, the producer and director of the upcoming movie, “The Hobbit”

Poor guys had to sift through thousands of questions from fans before coming up with 20 of the frequently asked questions. Well at least my questions have been answered. 😀

Really, who else would be named attycus? XD

The director, Guillermo Del Toro in London. Hey! A MacBook Pro!

Here’s Peter Jackson in Wellington with a bigass projection of a computer screen.

Even though I had to stay awake until 5am in the freaking morning, I’m glad that I had the chance to participate in the event. Fine, it sounds corny but that’s the truth

Ima nurd. Ima LoTR nurd.


The Hobbit movie weeeee!

•May 21, 2008 • 2 Comments

Yes, Leslie. I admit. I’m a nerd.
In fact, I’m a cute nerd. (I kid. I kid. Relaaaax!)

But I still stand by my claim that the One Ring that I have was bought while I was in primary school!

Anyway, I’m now bouncing all over the place like nobody’s business because word is that The Hobbit (for those who are ignorant of the existence of this marvelous piece of literature, it’s the prequel to The Lord of The Rings.) is going to be made into a movie. Not one, but two (probably because it’s long…)


Peter Jackson isn’t going to be the director. Instead, the hobbit-like director would be taking the role of producer while Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) would be taking the helm as the director. Ian McKellen is rumoured to be reprising his role as Gandalf (I don’t care how old he is, he’s the coolest wizard ever!), Hugo Weaving would be of course, Lord Elrond (Please come back, seriously. The eyebrows of Doom just rock.)
I wonder who’ll play the Elf King Thranduil a.k.a Papa Greenleaf, Legolas’s father.

Oh, and if you think that Orlando’s Legolas is gay…


THAT is gay. Yeah, the blondie on the right. Guh. Aragorn’s ugly.

Ahaha, cant wait for the movie to be finished filming.

Gondor has no pants… Gondor needs no pants!!


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I owe Leslie two blog posts. Ahaha. I’m horrible.

I think I ran out of things to type out in this blog of mine ( and just in time too…you wouldn’t want to read a blog about blankness, no?)

First things first, Steve Burns (the dude in Blues Clues) is not DEAD. Ahaha, thank goodness. Now that that’s cleared up…

Do you not just find it a vexatious issue to have people who can’t speak English properly to be working in customer service?

One example: This lady at the bubble tea shop in my area.

Oh goodness gracious me. I think I embarrassed myself when I went there to buy Iced Milo with Pearls (I just love saying ‘Pearls’. They just roll off your tongue…). I was standing there enunciating every freaking syllable and when I finished my laborious attempt at trying to make the lady understand ( I even did the puppy-dog eyes in hope that she would… understand.) and there she was, staring at me unblinkingly, looking as if I was speaking in some foreign language. Yeah, right. I’m speaking in Elvish. So yes, without further ado, yours truly repeated her order patiently. The result?

“OH. Iced Miro? With Pewr?”

I swear I had to fight the urge to smack my forehead right there and then. The horror I tell you. The HORROR!
Especially when you’re a articulation (and grammar) Nazi.

I feel the oncomings of a headache...

Headache then ensues while I nodded in answer. All is then well until it was time for me to pay up
I asked her how much would that cost (because you’ll never know if they changed the price or something and they never update the menu. IT HAPPENS!) and her answer was in freaking Chinese!
…The hell?

And so it continues…

Now that I’ve watched Iron Man…

•May 5, 2008 • 2 Comments

I want to dress up in a gold plated titanium suit! And I don’t care if I can actually walk in that friggin’ thing.

Stupid stylus murdered my handwriting...


Ah yes. Watching Iron Man had actually brought back some nostalgic memories of days gone by. A time when I was just a wee lass who did not have to bother with assignments and whatnot. (Assignments… those sonofabitches…)
Anyways, nostalgic memories. After watching the movie, I went back home and after a few days of mulling over the assignments given (again, those sonofabitches…), I went on to YouTube, intending to watch V For Vendetta – The Comedy Series because Titus got me hooked to the silliness. Yes, V has gas and hilarity ensues… I am getting out of point, aren’t I? So I wanted to watch the videos but somehow I ended up watching the theme song to the 1996 Iron Man cartoon show.

From then onwards, I stumbled upon the theme song to the X-Men cartoon series… Power Rangers (the first series.The subsequent series are crap)… Mummies Alive… Transformers… Ultraman… Double Dragon, all of those now-defunct cartoon series. And yes, I grew up watching cartoons that were meant for the guys. I miss those cartoons… Not a lot of people can remember how to sing the Iron Man theme song (even though it’s just a phrase being repeated in the midst of some heavy metal guitar riffs…)

I noticed that they’ve ‘re-vamped’ the Transformers series and I think it sucks. Ahaha, why? Because instead of being geometric in shape (come on, they’re ROBOTS that turn into CARS.), Optimus Prime and gang now look like some anorexic bitches. Not that they’re skinny or anything, it’s just that they look too smooth. Anorexic was just something that came into my mind. Hehe.

BRING THE FREAKING IRON MAN CARTOON SERIES BACK TO KIDS CENTRAL! oh, and scrap The Winx Club and Hannah Montana. They suck eggs. Ehehe.

I am Iron Man.

Oh crap! It’ 54 minutes (and counting) ’til midnight!

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True, as of right now, it’s 53 minutes to midnight and here I am struggling to think of what to type in this blog. Guh. I hate squeezing my brain matter… at the last minute that is…

Wait, I think I may have found something to ramble about…

(and by dressing up, I do not mean as an anime character, however cool that is…)

Most people (like my friends in Secondary school) think that dressing up and masquerading around as someone who is not me is stupid, childish and of course, embarrassing. But I say nay! ‘Tis not childish! (Yes, I know I sound like that pompous knight in the Harry Potter, Sir Cadogan! But I love typing in this manner.)

Yes, anyways, dressing up. I find it fun (and amusing) to dress up. Be it a pirate for my school’s Drama Club orientation day or just plopping a Charlie Chaplin-esque bowler hat on my head and walk around Haji Lane with it, it’s just fun to be another character.

My bowler hat in all its glory.

Boy? Girl? Ahah.

I have chanced a glance at the wall clock and ’tis now 12:15am. So much for submitting a post by midnight. How nice. Reverting back to the topic…

The best era to dress up is from, I guess, anything before this millennium. Think, Chicago with the flappers. The Phantom of the Opera with the masquerades, The Lord of the Rings with tunics and yeah…  King Arthur in all his knightly splendor. (I nearly typed in ‘Knightley’ instead of ‘knightly’. Ahaha…)
Hell, I’ll walk around with Erik’s (the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera) mask if I can. Ask me to go all Marie Antoinette and I’ll be fine with it… so long as there is a reason as to why you’d want me to go around looking like a powdered puff.

But right now, my dream is to dress up like a mafia don. Ahaha, I’d like to slap on a fedora and hold a machine gun, and like Al Pacino in Scarface, go:


Yeah, I can do accents. I can do British, American, Italian, Scottish etc. etc.
Just ask me one day and I’ll try my best to do the accent as sometimes it just won’t pop up. Heh. Oh yeah, just come with a line prepared that way I won’t have to think so hard of what to say. 😛

Mmm, I wish the school has some society where we can dress up… it’s like Cosplay but instead of Anime characters, we dress up as people from different eras. (Though my spider senses are tingling and I have this feeling that a majority of them are going to come as emo-punks… Curse you emo trend.)

So before I end this random post of mine (meep, it’s nearly one in the morn!), I want to ask you, what have you always wanted to dress up as? King Leonidas? Jack Sparrow? Guinevere? or just suit up as Mickey Mouse or Spider-Man
I’d be much obliged if I get replies. 😀


Exit, stage left.

Beached whale in school -insert whale noise here-

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Effing hell.
I could’ve sworn the time stated in the timetable was 8am!
So now I’m stranded in school like a beached pilot whale, at a loss at what to do for one hour. Well, I could talk about the weather… Bleak weather but I love it.

Anyways, I’m not so sure how often we have to update this blog of ours so I’ll just go for the ‘blog-when you’re-up-for-it’ thing.


So my Storyboarding & Storytelling lecturer (I can hear mum saying this, “They’re not called teachers now. They’re lecturers!” I hear you ma.) has a name.
Yes. And his name is Mr Leslie.
When I returned home, I happily announced to the family that my lecturer’s name is… yes, Mr Leslie and that he’s cool etc. etc.
And that’s when I hear my youngest sister saying, “Nurse Leslie!” and to that, everyone started guffawing.

Who or what is this ‘Nurse Leslie’?

Nurse Leslie the Nurse Shark

That’s Nurse Leslie, the pink Nurse Shark.
He’s the camp nurse in the show, ‘Camp Lazlo’ and he goes from place to place on his swivel chair because he’s sat down for too long and hence lost the use of his legs. Oh, and he speaks in a monotonous voice so that just adds to the hilarity of the character.

I love Nurse Leslie.

Note: I have received intelligence that I need to blog only once a week. Schmank you.